Our hit course is now available online in English. All you need to know about car detailing dry cleaning in one course.
Detailing dry cleaning of car interior is one of the most popular services in the market of detailing.

Every passing year, cars get worse in quality and this leaves a certain imprint on how to work with the interior of a modern car.

This online course is designed for detailing business owners, professionals, or just for people who love high quality car care, and who love to keep the car in its original form.

We were asked for a very long time to translate this course into other languages. We are glad that this course is now available not only to the Russian-speaking audience, but also in English.
Sergey Lunin, Headmaster DA
5 reasons why you should take this course
This course has already been done by more than 2.500 people around the world. We have received hundreds of requests to translate the course into English. Now everyone who speaks English can take this course!
You can view the course from anywhere in the world on a specially developed platform, using any convenient device - whether you prefer to view it on a phone, tablet, laptop or a computer
You set the rhythm of the course yourself, you can practice at any time of the day and view lessons an unlimited number of times
No fillers or advertising, only the essence and the most relevant information that will be useful to you for car dry cleaning
We share our real experience gained over the years in our Detailing Alarm studios
We have not received a single negative feedback from our students, and we are confident that the course is really useful. You can read our students reviews here
Who is this online course suitable for:
Car businessmen
Who decided to master the profession of a detailer, or who decided to engage professionally in car dry cleaning
Who want to care for their car competently, without harm to the interior of the car
Who want to adopt the experience of our company and find out how, and with what compositions the car dry cleaning is done in Russia
If you want to train your employees on the spot, without business trips and expensive training
The course consists of 3 detailed parts:
Dry cleaning
• Car reception and filling in a checklist with a car technician - what you need to know
• Accurate pollution assessment before work
• Selection of compounds for working with the salon
• Selection of necessary equipment
• Selection of lighting devices for work
• Overview of all stages of upcoming work with a car
• Secrets of working with stain removers
• Secrets of working with the ceiling
• Work with plastic interior elements
• Removing difficult stains from plastic, leather, textiles, etc.
    Work with leather
    • Main types of leather coatings in car interior
    • How to work with a protective layer of leather
    • Removal of various types of contamination from leather
    • Delicate cleaning of nappa and alcantara
    • Secrets of working with complex dirt on ceilings and carpets
    • Work on the central console in premium cars
    • Preservation of the car interior (leather, textile, plastic)
    • Secrets of nano-interior protection
    • Analysis of the main mistakes in working with a car salon
    Review of tools and compositions, work with a client
    • The three main components of the detailing market
    • Who is responsible to the client for any damage?
    • What you need to know about the manufacturers' guarantees
    • What question you should never ask a client
    • What you should do if a customer requests a job guarantee
    • Who dictates the terms - detailing studio or a client?
    • A detailed review of all detergents and compositions for dry cleaning
    The course is presented by Sergey Lunin
    Headmaster of the Detailing Alarm Detailing School.
    12 years of experience in detailing.
    Trained over 3,000 master-detailers from around the world.
    Master of various workshops and seminars in the field of detailing. One of the hosts of a leading YouTube channel about detailing.
    Author of 7 online courses, including Master Detailer, Car Dry Cleaning, Car Wash, one of which has already been translated into English!
    Author of more than 20 technological maps on detailing services.
    Teaches daily at our school in Moscow and is available to answer all the questions from students of our online school.
    Continuous support and answers to all your questions in the online school interface
    A specially designed platform is an online space where everything is specifically made to ensure that you definitely achieve your result
    3 detailed technical video lessons from the DA school headmaster, Sergey Lunin
    The training system is designed in a way so that you can better understand the material and ensure to achieve results in the course
    The course is supplemented by detailed check-lists for car acceptance and assessment of work
    How will the course unfold?
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    Answers to frequently asked questions:
    Feedback from students who have already completed this course:
    Very informative. Many nuances showed. Small secrets revealed. Video lessons were watched in one breath. Definitely need to review two more times, because it is very condensed. The teacher explains everything perfectly, which speaks of great experience and professionalism.
    Anastasija Gavrilova
    Everything is very affordable, high-quality, all lessons are useful even for technicians with experience. I often review the material. I'm satisfied. Thank you!
    Valentin Bezrukov
    Loved that there is little filler! You do not have time to fall asleep, lots of spirit raising and motivational things. I wanted to get some knowledge and found myself a basis from which I can expand and set myself new tasks, that I had no idea about before the course.
    Vladimir Iljinskij
    Thanks for the information received, I learned lots of new things, theory explained in clear easy-to-understand language, even for beginners.
    Alexej Baraksanov
    Everything is intelligible, and without fillers! I heard a lot of answers to questions that were in my head!
    Nikita Dragunov
    Everything is very useful and I learned a lot about dry cleaning, thank you for such lessons, need to attend more of your courses.
    Yaroslav Sazonov
    Full detailed information on aspects that interested me. New knowledge for me, personally. Information available at any time. Thank you!
    Sergej Negin
    Hello! I liked all the material I received! Lots of interesting, useful stuff. I discovered new opportunities for further development! Thank you very much! Sergey is a good teacher!
    Yurij Kucherjavij
    I liked the course and the way the teacher explains everything in detail, and in all subtleties, including possible problems and their solutions, how to approach the dry cleaning process correctly, where to start, what needs to be done - everything explained step by step.
    The lesson plan, and everything is clear on the matter, with no filler, I watched through everything in one breath, immediately wrote out important aspects for myself, very informative. Already introduced all these aspects in my work, which immediately affected the staff's performance!
    Artem Rechkin
    1. Since I am a beginner, I received a lot of interesting and valuable information for myself.
    2. I liked the possibility of studying at a convenient time.
    Ruslan Ustjuhin